by Community Currency

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released April 5, 2012



all rights reserved


Community Currency Bloomington, Indiana

Violin Rock

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Track Name: Don't Walk Away
love that's tucked away
will never find its destination
stuffed into an envelope
never signed stamped or sealed
mine sat on a shelf collecting dust
i never had the strength to
mail it away
i just watched it dry and yellow
'til i gathered up the courage
to let those words seem real

growing up ten blocks away
sure lends itself to comfort
every passing street
evokes a distant memory
fear of the unknown
may be a common institution
and every chance it gets
it takes its toll on you and me

every summer day
still makes me sad that it's not snowing
it takes significant determination
just to leave the house
and i may be scared of dogs
but not half as much as making plans
to be with you forever
just to watch you walk away
don't walk away

when we go
just be patient with me please
when we go
it's not as easy for me
when we go
i'll need you there with me
when we go

every day i tie my hands
with higher expectations
remnants of a competition
i'd rather forget
goals and aspirations
have been easier to swallow
after making the decision
to live to be
who i wanna be
without accumulating anymore regret
Track Name: What We Believe
you don't own me
and though you might want
to you never will
you don't scare me
and your macho insecurity
will never fill
the hole in your heart
carved out by a society
based on fear
of being different
instead of unity
where we all persevere

you won't see me
exploiting other people
just to get rich
you won't hear me
calling my brother a faggot
or my sister a bitch
'cause we should not judge
a person by their body
but how they use their mind
stop the hate and violence
let's respect each other and we'll
see what we can find

the powers that be
don't want you and me
standing together for
what we believe
so they try to divide us
with borders and things
but that can't change the fact
that we're all human beings

don't put me down
just 'cause i'm different
doesn't mean that i'm not human
don't bring me down
from birth everyone deserves
the same love and respect
we all were born
into this world
kicking and screaming
and we won't stop
not until everyone has
everything they're needing
Track Name: When Will I Know
how can you ever tell what is real
when all you truly know is how you feel
how can i understand what's on your mind
when i can barely know what's going on in mine

what do we do when there's nothing left to say
what do we say when there's nothing left to do
when will i know just how much you love me
when will you see just how much i love you

tell me how can we know who we really are
when we can only see so far
we can never be too sure how others perceive
the way that we act and what we believe
Track Name: Nothin' From Me
we won't take nothin' from no one
until we know exactly where it comes from
and how you choose to make it
'cause if anyone is threatened or tortured
just because you need to fill an order
you won't get nothin' from me

why do people lie and kill for profit
why do people die undeservingly
just because i'm poor and you've got money
don't give you the right to control me

i don't think i'm askin' for a lot
all i want is just a little plot of this earth
to call my own
wouldn't have to worry 'bout payin' my rent
i wouldn't have to give no one a cent
you won't get nothin' from me