Labor of Love

by Community Currency

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released May 11, 2011



all rights reserved


Community Currency Bloomington, Indiana

Violin Rock

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Track Name: Change Makes Us Strong
do you ever get to thinking
that life is too unfair
there's so much going on
all around the world
but we all look past
without a care

we're more concerned
with the way we look
and the lives of our elite
than the (1000)millions
all around the the world
who are starving in the street

why don't we try embracing change
instead of fearing it
change is what makes us strong
why don't we look for new ideas
and make some of our own
cause an idle mind sure seems
like a waste of time

every day i live for change
every day i look to rearrange
every day i love the strange
question everything that stays the same

do you ever get to wondering
can there ever really be peace
as long as dogma and imperialism
control the world
war will never cease

we're all feeling the exact same way
what can just one person do
well we can't change the world in just one day
but we can start with me and you
Track Name: The Way You See Me
when you love someone
you become someone
who in turn can come
to love everyone
when you know how much
someone can mean to you
you will realize how much
you can mean to them too

every time i see your face
i look at the reflection in your eyes
and i see the way that you see me
when you're looking into mine

when you need someone
you believe in someone
to be the kind of person
who would help anyone
when you trust someone
to be there for you
you will realize that they
will need you there for them too
Track Name: One of the Greatest Things
one of the greatest things
my father ever taught me
was how to ride a bike
he showed me how to ride

one of the greatest things
my mother ever said to me
was to never give up
son you can make it if you try

one of the greatest things
my grandmother ever told me
was enjoy it while it lasts
oh how these days fly by

one of the greatest things
my brother has ever spoken
is simply this
i love you
Track Name: Bury My Body Down With a Seed
i once asked my mother
with tears in my eyes
exactly what happens
to us when we die
you're put in a box
and then in the ground
is there any meaning
in life to be found

well that very night
as i laid in my bed
i imagined what it was
like to be dead
the thought of time going on
even after i'm gone
kept me awake until
the first light of dawn

and does god hear
all of the questions
i have for him
or should i fear
cause no one is there
to answer them

well that got me thinking
about the whole human race
this planet called earth
and the vastness of space
their intricacies
are amazing to me
it's hard to imagine
how this all came to be

and i realized the laws
governing our universe
allow us to exist
for better for for worse
and though deep inside us lies
a strong will to live
don't try to take more
than what you can give

and when i die
please bury my body down
with a seed
so that i might
live on not only
in memory
Track Name: Car, or Bike, or Feet
oh car or bike or feet
we gotta rise into the street
and make this world a better place
for you and me

we're all in this together
it's plain to see
it's bee this way forever
it's clear to me
to fight amongst each other
seems pretty silly
how do we ever expect
to make a lasting change
without unity

don't you know that everybody
can feel the same
it really doesn't make much sense
to be ashamed
you can choose to be exactly
who you are
because if you do
don't you know that you
will go far
Track Name: Indiana Man
mama was a god fearing lady
papa was a god damning man
they decided to have themselves a baby
now i'm doing the best that i can can can
doing the best that i can

now when i was a little baby
not even tall as mammy's knee
i reached my little fingers to
tickle on the keys
saying this'll be the life for me me me
this'll be the life for me

i am a man
a musician by hand
and i'll never be your slave
now history will repeat
unless we stand tall on our feet
and lay the music industry in its grave

music has been institutionalized
it's been stolen from you and me
it's time to take it to where the people live
take it back to the street

now some wish they was born
down in texas
others wish they's born in a foreign land
i'm just glad i'm an indiana man
playing music in a band band band
playing music in a band
Track Name: Life On Earth
do you hear the cries
of countless souls been lost
do you see the prize
and is it really worth the cost
i wanna know exactly
what was your intent
do you have any idea
what it was you spent

because just one life is
worth more than you could ever own
and one's significance is
beyond all that you've ever known
i wanna know exactly
what you think you've found
do you think that it will matter
six feet under ground

we need to share this gift
of life on earth
it's up to all of us
to make sure it's not a curse
we need to share this gift
of life on earth
it's up to all of us
to appreciate its worth

do you feel the pain
when mothers lose their sons
do you sense the gain
despite the blasting of their guns
i wanna know exactly
how much is enough
to justify you having
all of this stuff

just because your landlords
think they have the right by birth
shouldn't mean that they can
buy and sell part of the earth
i wanna know exactly
what you understand
did you know that we're all living
on stolen land?
Track Name: All That Stuff
i'd give you all that stuff
if it wasn't filling up that shelf
and i'd give you all my blood
if i didn't need it for myself
but the one thing i'd never give
is the life that i so love to live
oh please let me live another day

and when you think of me
what do you think about
will you remember me
or will i be left out
and with this memory
what will you figure out
am i really who you think i am

and i'd never tell a lie
if it meant that you would never cry
i'd never get so high
if it meant that i would never die
and i'd never say never again
if i knew that it wouldn't not make amends
oh please baby please can we be friends

and i'd always love you so
if it means you'll never tell me no
and i'll always comfort you
as long as you're there to tell me to
but i knew if i had a say
i'd try my best to run away
if it were up to me it wouldn't be up to you
Track Name: Before You Die
i woke up
crippled with fear
cause last night
seems like last year
and tomorrow
is soon to be here
then today
will seem much less clear

and so it goes
day after day
living in between
asleep and awake
will my soul
be soon on its way
or does everything
simply decay

don't know about you
but i'm pretty sure
that we are all
gonna end up the same
from the biggest blue whale
to the smallest single cell
inside us all
burns this fragile flame

so the next time
you open your eyes
don't take for granted
yours or others' lives
get yourself up
give it a try
cause you don't have much time
before you die
Track Name: Nothing Left to Own
there's a place that i know
where no trees just buildings grow
but for some there is no room
where are they supposed to go
and they don't have a home
and they feel so alone
and they cry

much too busy with one hand
trying to spread to other lands
and putting profits before lives
to care at all for fellow man
when you're far away from home
you will feel so alone
and you'll cry

when will we realize
our actions do have consequence
and when will we separate
ourselves from all this greed and negligence

when we all stand up as one
destroy the money, property, and guns
in the earth we'll plant a new seed
and we'll know that we have won
when there's nothing left to own
we will feel so at home
and we'll smile
Track Name: Working As One
i see it everyday
aspirations fade away
replaced by the necessity
of surviving day to day

you used to have big dreams
now you've forgotten it seems
don't go to work for some fucking jerk
there are more important things

we all have hopes to be
the way we want to be
do what you need
you plant the seed
and make it reality

a bright future's ahead
it can be done
and it's all of us working as one